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I am Randolph Parks, an experienced trader with a passion for blogging. Me and my team are here to share our journey through this platform and would be more than happy if we do this together. Welcome aboard!

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“Cryptocurrency is freedom, Banking is slavery”

Hi, I am Randolph Parks, an experienced Forex trader. Decided to start blogging after 4 years of continuous self-improvement. I am here to help everyone stay away from scammers and eventually learn more about trading.
Randolph Parks
Forex in simple words means exchange in foreign currency. Changing one currency into another currency for commerce, trading, or tourism is known as foreign exchange. Trading in Forex means buying one currency and selling another and expecting profits from the interest rate.
A Forex robot is an automated software program that uses some sort of signals to help traders make a decision in specific moment weather to buy or to sell the currency pair they are trading.

Forex brokers, known as currency trading brokers are companies where the traders have access to a platform that allows them to exchange (buy/sell) foreign currencies.
The brokers help their customers opening a trade after they make a minimal deposit first (as collateral) and then they provide possibilities to multiply their investment.


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Our mission is keeping you updated with the latest news about the crypto-market, inform you about the different scams around and at the same time let you know about the most well-performing online trading robots available on the Internet.